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Commercial + Business Storage


* Promotional Equipment + Material.
* Archive Boxes or Packing Cases, Stored
* Excess stock.
* Eliminate Expensive Warehouse Space.
* Renovating your office or work place
* Seasonal Goods and Equipment
* Tradesmen's Equipment


You Saved Our Christmas!

As bicycle retailers, we have a very big, big, big need for loads of extra storage in the run up to Christmas and the Christmas time period itself, as our inventory is then larger than usual. Thank goodness for the Cradley Heath self storage facility that you operate, I can now order as many or as few bicycles as I need. I have recently purchased an importers residual stock in a full 20ft container, as I now have loads of space in renting your unit. I am so pleased that the full container of bicycles I purchased, was able to be delivered, at the Container base, and straight into my rented container. The container loaded straight onto the doors of the unit and we transferred the entire stock in less than one hour, the profit I will make on this consignment would enable me to rent the container from you for 5 years or more, so without the container, I could not have made all this profit.

Ground level loading is also fantastic and access in the base, for the large delivery truck and container was excellent, Thanks a bundle.

The Bicycle StoreHouse

My company has used the storage facilities in Providence street since 1997 when we started off with one 40ft container to store materials. As a major upholstery manufacturer in the region, we were hit by rising costs for our factory , rising rates, rising costs for our labour force, electric and all the utilities in general were increasing, and escalating complicated Government legislation, Health and Safety legislation, Employment legislation, caused my company to go from being extremely profitable, with substantial financial reserves to going into serious losses and all our reserves evaporated. . I have written this article to show my appreciation of the excellent quality advice and direction that I was given from the Self Storage Midlands owners, that helped save our company when in crisis, and helped give our company the future that we enjoy today.

Lye, Stourbridge,

Quality Storage Facilities With A Professional Service At The Cheapest Prices Around, Makes Us The Envy Of Our Competitors

Lots of Space For Less

Over 500 Containers

All containers have superb ground level access, just take your vehicle to the doors and load or unload. Nothing could be easier.

20ft offers 160sqft storage
40ft offers 320sq ft storage

Container Base Gate 1 or Container Base Gate 2
Our 20ft and 40ft Self Storage Container Units are located in Cradley Heath

Our main gates are very large double gates designed to allow any size vehicle into the base,making them ideal for any size of delivery or collection. The gates are fitted with high security (See our security page here) locks with gate 1 being our main entrance into the base, the gate that you will need to open is on the left, they are heavy but will easily push back to allow your vehicle to pass through.

The Self Storage Container Units are in two lines with a very large concrete apron yard central.

The container base is designed so that you can back your vehicle straight onto the container where you can load in and out very quickly with the greatness of ease and minimum effort. This area is also very private with plenty of space for you to move around.


Help With Loading + Unloading


  • 24 hour access, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year,
  • CCTV. security monitoring,
  • Your own keys to main gates, all you need is your own locks for your container unit.
  • No Lease, just one month deposit and one month in advance payment
  • All containers have ground level access

High Security Self Storage At Affordable Prices

Our prices start as low as £11.95 per week per container unit

We will not be beaten on price in fact we guarantee to beat any quote you may have had

Call us to book your container today

Tel. 01803 201 301

Self Storage Midlands
is used by exhibitors to the Birmingham NEC Exhibition Centre and is within easy access, (just ten minutes),
from the M5 motorway, Junction 2

Need Warehouse Space?

Or perhaps you need a whole warehouse or workshop to yourself?

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