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How It All Started

Today Self Storage Midlands occupies three quarters of the length of Providence street, opposite what used to be Providence Ironworks,It all started in 1990 when the Stock Group negotiated to purchase this area of land as part of the Estate it now owns and occupies,

It was during the early 1990s that the Stock Group then the largest clothing disposal group in Europe had a desperate need to store in excess of 10 million items of clothing, as well as 50 to 100 containers of associated stocks that was part of the groups worldwide trading activities.

It was during these years that it was decided that the recently acquired Estate in Providence Street was the key to the future growth of the Stock Group

International Storage Base

in addition to a 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Oldbury, the group had a warehouse in Maltmill Lane Halesowen and Station Road Rowley Regis and a large fleet of 40ft road trailers, so as the vast volumes of clearance stocks arrived from all over Europe, they were containerised and stored at the Storage Base in Providence Street (now known as Self Storage Midlands), and the factory units that had once formed part of the chain making and foundry industry, were refurbished to give us warehouse storage space desperately needed to process the scores of containers that the Stock group was exporting weekly.

Providence street was very quickly turned into the hive of activity that it had seen back in the early turn of the century when it was then heavy industry,by now it was a continuous fleet of 40ft trailers and containers arriving daily and a continuous fleet of trailers and containers departing on a daily basis, the storage of vast volumes of merchandise using shipping containers was born, and the viability proven as the most efficient way to store goods cheaply and efficiently by the Stock Group.

Introduction Of Container Rentals

In the early 1990s the Stock Group was approached by local companies and businesses wishing to rent containers, and as the Stock Group could manage aerial containers to store goods in just as easily as ground level containers, it was decided to introduce container rentals and thus, the concept, Self Storage Midlands was born.

Modern Times

Through out the 90s and into 2000 the Self Storage Midlands Cradley Heath storage base has remained very popular with local trades people and businesses, and we go for long periods of time with full occupancy and on occasion a waiting list, but as we are introducing a lot of long term rentals in the air, using aerial containers, a few more ground floor units are becoming available to rent, however the Self Storage Midlands staff will do everything possible, to accommodate new renters.

We guess being in the Black Country makes us somewhat sentimental about the past, as we see more and more people and companies suffering because of the recession that seems to be manifesting, but we have seen it all before, and the area of Cradley Heath has had more than its share of hard times, so in true Cradley Heath fashion, we will all weather the storm

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